With the go-live of the Payment Services Hub UNIPAY, we are the first company to migrate all local and pan-European payment traffic in Euro on the SEPA circuit.

With the omni-channel approach that characterizes the philosophy of the solution, all the input channel of the Institute are activated at the same time on the SCT driver:

branches, service external, internal offices, Internet, CBI, intermediation Banks Group.

Everything is run by managing natively the XML source, without conversion or middleware connection.

Proudly we declare that we have completed the work two years ahead of the deadline outlined by the formal governance initiative. An even more striking result when one considers that the date in question will certainly be delayed due to the difficulties and delays experienced by all the others, all over Europe.

Thanks to the work we do, the Italian banking community has happily seen raising its position in the ranking drawn up by the European Central Bank (http://www.ecb.europa.eu site) which, at the time of migration from local patterns to general pan-European schema, traced in quantitative terms the performance of the various states, at the approaching of the SEPA end-date. With the result, particularly edifying, to leap from the tail to the top five positions in a short time.