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Ready to state… not to translate


Every natural language has its nuances, its peculiar meanings, sometimes cryptic, fully caught only by people speaking that idiom as their mother tongue, since hidden concepts are nested deeply into the folds of every construct.
Let’s think to the idiomatic expressions that completely rewrite the literal meaning of the terms.

This is even more true for IT languages, for which syntax and semantics are mutually reliant, with the text constructing giving new value to meaning.

To quote an old adage, valid here more than elsewhere, form is an integral part of substance, it is a basic piece of the meaningful essence of every message.

Enterprise has always handled the implementation of standards in native mode, precisely because it is aware of the intrinsic value that resides in every sentence, every expression, which often prevents a full and faithful conversion from and to another formalism.

For this reason, all our products impacted by the migration to the XML ISO 20022 standard have been evolved to manage the language in its fullness, in total adherence: from any origination touchpoint, through the persistence layer, down to the exchange through the relevant networks.

2022 is the year of ISO 20022…