4 Trade Finance I-Efficient product manages all banking operations relating to the import and export of goods, including the related payment methods. It covers the following business areas:

  • Letter of Credit Import and Export
  • Reimbursement Bank Management
  • Arranged and Received Guarantees for the bank
  • Import and Export collections

I-Efficient is basically integrated with the 4 IBIS I-Corporate Banking product, which supports all corporate customers of the Bank and in general all participants active in Supply Chain Finance, and with the product 4 T.E.D. I-Paper Free for the management of the Trade electronic Dossier.

The qualities of operational scalability, workflow flexibility and transparency, combined with support for a wide range of products are fundamental for maximizing the revenues that the Banks obtain in the international trade and finance sector.
The product follows the evolution of the supply chain which is partly redefining the Trade Finance and ensures compliance with the standards dictated by the International Chamber of Commerce (Rules and Uniform Uses relating to documentary credits, ICC Publication n. 600).