4 T.E.D. I-Paper Free (T.E.D is the acronym for Trade Electronic Dossier) handles the Business Process Management (BPM) and the orchestration of all phases and functions related to the progress of the Trade practice, starting from the initial request by of the Customer, at the issue and subsequent post-issuance operations.
It allows the Bank to scan and classify documents associated with a particular practice whether they are available in paper format or sent electronically by Customers and / or third parties, replacing the current paper dossier.
The product consists of the following Modules:

  • Documentary Credits Electronic Dossier
  • Collections Electronic Dossier
  • Guarantees Electronic Dossier

It is considered the ideal addition to Suite 4 Trade Finance I-Efficient which manages the entire Trade Finance area of the Bank, and of the 4 IBIS I-Corporate Banking Product that allows the Customer to interact with the Bank and send or receive documentation in electronic format maintaining the possibility of viewing and reprinting it at any time.