4 Sitas Suite – Shareholders, Meetings & Internet Votings


4 Sitas Suite – Shareholders, Meetings & Internet Votings

The product allows an Issuer to manage Shareholders and Meetings ,with the possibility of voting via the Internet. It is the support tool for the complete management of all the obligations required by the securities market management and control bodies with reference to open and closed capital companies.
The product consists of three distinct modules that interact with each other:

  • Shareholder Module, for the management of the data of the Issuer,Shareholders,the deposit of the Shares in Centralized Securities Depositories , and manage the information deriving from the Corporate Events (Dividends and Social Operations).
  • Meeting Module to manage the Meetings and the Voting.
  • Distance Voting Module for voting through an Internet Portal and a dedicated App-Mobile, or by integrating its services in the systems of the Bank / Company.

The Module complies with the currently applicable regulatory framework, governed by the T.U.F. art. 127 and in the Issuers’ Regulation n. 11971.

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