The product is the Enterprise platform dedicated to the Finance area of the banks. It is situated in a market where the competition and regulation are reducing profits and margins, highlighting a growing complexity of the reference scenario where performance, innovation and cost reduction have become key success factors.
4 Securities I-FinFlex can manage each element of the finance area with its modules:

  • Securities registry
  • Securities module (Shares & Bonds)
  • Corporate Action module
  • Capital Gain module
  • Connectors for Internet Banking and SWIFT Networks
  • Certification Module

The platform, completely based on Java technology, has been designed on a new generation technical structure that makes available internet trading services, and that also makes the Back-Office Titles more efficient.
Advanced graphic features and a strong ability to customize, allow the Bank to auto-configure the application settings according to its business model, reducing costs and time for its installation and management.