4 Repair & Reconcilation I-Quick


4 Repair & Reconcilation I-Quick

The I-Quick Repair & Reconciliation product simplifies the activities of reconciliation between bank account movements and account statements received from the Bank, providing a sophisticated and simple set of tools to reconcile all the transactions refer to the accounts required by the process.
It can handle three different scenarios:

  • Reconciliation RTGS/EBA
  • Reconciliation Nostro / Mutual Account
  • Reconciliation Forex & Money Market (MT3xx) ensure a high automation, allowing the simultaneous importation and reconciliation of different components.

The advantages:

  • Reduction of operating costs thanks to the limited number of specialized personnel required.
  • Fully support for the main banking formats, such as SWIFT, ACH, etc.
  • The automatic coupling logic is intuitive and easy to use
  • The management of exceptions in a fully verifiable framework, with the issue of an easy and understandable report.

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