4 Precious Metals I-Gold


4 Precious Metals I-Gold

The Product is designed to completely manage the operations related to precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium) carried out by the Bank with Customers or other Banks, both for operations in Physical Metal and for Metal Financial.

The physical metal can be managed both in Ounces and in Grams with storage of the Bar / Ingot Number for the various cuts configured and in the various available vaults, and possible display of each moment of its operating cycle (in the vault, booked, on loan, sold, etc.), in relation to possible depositors, custodians and transport carriers.
The product is able to carry out the extensions of loans for use and the quarterly calculations of the Interests in automatic mode.
The operations of the financial metal are aimed at the management of transactions (for example transfers, deposits, spot…) both with retail customers and with banks. Interbank deposit transactions and liquidity deposits are also available.

With this solution it is possible to offer to its customers real-time services for trade and integrated logistics, with support for management and compliance with the regulations in force.

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