4 Pr.E.M.I.A l-Platform


4 Pr.E.M.I.A l-Platform

4 Pr.E.M.I.A l-Platform is a Suite-Solution that includes different products, each one is dedicated to the foreign operations of the different areas of the Bank, such as:

  • Payments
  • Trade Finance
  • Loans
  • Precious metals
  • Forex & Money Market
  • Treasury in currency
  • ……

Each product has its own components related to its business line, and asks for services to the generalized support component, thus avoiding the duplication of information typical of vertical solutions which require important integration by the Banks user.
4 Pr.E.M.I.A l-Platform is also realized with software-objects, managed by an orchestration process which can be easily customized.
The graphic component is based on a modern and advanced graphical GUI also customizable with color logos and more.

The whole Suite-Solution is 24/7 with the ability to run batch processes during the online activity period without any kind of difficulty.
Allows a considerable saving on license cost, installation,running and maintenance time to the user banks.

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