4 Payments I-Unipay Hub


4 Payments I-Unipay Hub

4 Payments I-Unipay Hub is a payment services hub able to offer any kind of Euro and currency payment services available in a Bank in one only solution. All payment services are accessible through APIs, which have been developed in the most widespread interface protocols (from the legacy to the open ones), according to a flexible and SOA-compliant application architecture model.

UniPay is the only Italian solution certified by SWIFT with the ‘Payments’ label.  This recognition has been obtained and reconfirmed over the years (from 2015 onwards), each time ratifying the conformity of the product with the subsequent progress of the SWIFT Standard Release.

It is installed at major banks, holding institutions and second-tier banks, exactly as if it were an ACH, disaggregating, sorting and recompiling payment flows, based on the characteristics of the sender/receiver. It can interact with different commercial ACHs at the same time and receives/delivers the flows exchanged with the banks of the same group through a circuit inside the system, without using the interbank networks.

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