4 Payments I-Unipay Hub is a payment services hub capable of offering all Euro and currency payment services regardless of the applied instrument, the requesting channel, the operational characteristics, the exchange formalisms, the clearing circuits and the settlement method.
All payment services are accessible through APIs, which have been developed in the most common interface protocols (from legacy to open ones), according to a flexible and SOA-compliant application architecture model.
The solution has the following main features:

  • Certified for over one million daily transactions
  • Omni-channel (Counter, Internet, CBI, etc.), multi-currency, multi language and multi-bank
  • Parameterizable workflow engine
  • Diagnostic services of incoming data flows (total or partial rejection according to the outcome of the control)
  • High parameterization capability (Cut-Off, Channels, Routing Rules, etc.)
  • SWIFT GPI and Universal Confirmation ready application
    • It provides banks with an integration layer (MQ/API/sFTP) towards its services, which allow relevant applications within the Informative System (e.g. current accounts, treasury, etc.) to issue confirmation messages.
    • The system directly sends the relevant confirmation messages once an inbound payment is rejected or is routed to the next bank onto the payment chain, via a non-SWIFT based Market Infrastructure.
    • It also supplies Payments Back-Office users with data-entry functionalties to natively deal with warning and send confirmation, according to the appropriate role profiled.
    • The solution is equipped with a built-in SLAs' monitor which enables to automatically raise alerts through several channels (i.e. e-mail, SMS, etc.) once the time frame within which a confirmation must be sent (according to the universal confirmation rulebook) is approaching to expire.

UniPay is the only Italian solution certified by SWIFT with the Payments label. This recognition was obtained and reconfirmed over the years (from 2015), each time ratifying the compliance of the product with the subsequent advances of the SWIFT Standard Release.