The product is created with the aim of offering a solution that complies with the "instant" scheme in its entirety (Accounting, Reporting, Compliance, etc.) or can be integrated with the Bank's legacy systems, which allows it to adhere to the services:

  • SCT Inst (SEPA Instant Credit Transfer - EPC).
  • SWIFT Instant Payment (potentially open to all currencies 4 Payments

4 Payments I-Uniflash-Pay Instant Payments offer the core services and the integration layer, it also can be equipped with a GUI through the application 4 Digital Bank - I-Portal & App, which offers both home banking connectivity and the one with native app from smartphone or tablet .
The adoption of this type of product can increase the attraction and loyalty of customers with the offer of value-added services, such as:

  • Simplification and security, real and perceived (customer does not communicate card number and CVV / CVC)
  • Overcoming on Ceiling limit on credit cards
  • Immediate outcome of the transaction to the ordering party, even if positive (not prescribed by Rulebook)
  • Immediate reconciliation of payments and invoices
  • Treasury and Cash Management Optimization