4 Lending I-Help was designed and implemented to offering a flexible and at the same time robust product, which would allow the management of the various types of Loans in a single technological platform.
The strengths of the product are:

  • The availability of products aimed at both individuals and companies, such as installment loans, bullet loans, mortgages, personal credits, leasing
  • The web interface that guarantees quick and direct access to all information, as well as ensuring rapid understanding by the users of the solution.
  • A process workflow, where the end user is easily and intuitively guided through the entire business flow
  • The management of the credit line, with electronic approval by the competent corporate bodies
  • The management and disbursement of the loan / leasing with the simultaneous preparation and signing of the contract
  • Extensive post-sales features

The 4 Lending I-Help Product is natively integrated with other products available in our offer (Registry, Loans, Credit Violation, etc.) but can be easily integrated with other external procedures.