4 General Ledger I-Balance


4 General Ledger I-Balance

The Product 4 General Ledger I-Balance is able to deal comprehensively with the General Accounting of a Bank or a Financial Institution, and has been designed to allow easy communication with the other applications of the IT system on which it is being integrated .

The structure of the product allows the management of VAT, advance taxation, and the management of Cross-Accounts such as Different Debtors / Creditors, Intersystem Accounts, Temporary Accounts and so on.

I-Balance is highly configurable and its architecture can manage up to three levels of accounting hierarchy. The connection between the  different levels is logical and guaranteed by a Generalized Accounting Control system that allows automatic balancing and squaring of the different levels.
I-Balance aims to offer a “customer centric” solution, designed to reflect in the best way the operational reality of the Institute in which is installed.
The product offers a correct and articulated accounting data base that:

  • Facilitates decision-making and analysis processes of the Institute
  • Supports compliance with international regulations
  • It becomes the main source of data for reporting to central supervisory bodies

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