4 Digital Bank I-Portal & App


4 Digital Bank I-Portal & App

The Product 4 Digital Bank I-Portal & App consists of two distinct applications, Portal4bank and App4bank, which are based on an Internet & Mobile Platform capable of enabling the operation of Corporate and Retail Customers.
Portal4bank is an Internet Banking platform that allows Customers to connect online 24/7 to their Bank and carry out all the operations allowed on their accounts.

App4bank is a Mobile Solution that allows the customer to operate on the move, in a simple,quick and secure way in relation with its bank and to manage all banking services from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets …).
Portal4bank e App4bank offer many benefits to the Bank, also in terms of attractiveness for the customers and therefore of increased handling. In particular, through the availability of these applications by the simple and appealing Look & Feel, it is possible to have:

  •  Benefit for customers in terms of time savings (avoid the lines at the bank), the possibility to obtain information promptly and without time limits
  •  Offer of innovative services for customer loyalty
  •  Increased cross-selling opportunities
  •  Flexibility needed to address regulatory updates and international standards

Our philosophy is: “Don’t get in line, go on line”

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