4 Core Banking I-Complete


4 Core Banking I-Complete

4 Core Banking I-Complete product represents a complete Core Banking solution.

Complete, modular, scalable and integrated. the solution can be easily implemented for supporting the business target of the Banks, simplifying the technical / organizational processes.
4 Core Banking I-Complete has been developed and is constantly implemented through innovative technologies and a strategic analysis on the needs of banking and financial sector.
The solutions are modular and adaptable to any requirement of the Banks.
The product is able to cover all sectors of banking through a single platform composed of different products, responding with a wide range of solutions to the needs of Corporate Banking (Financing, Trade Finance, Collections and Payments …)
The objectives that the product wants to pursue are many:

  •  Cost reduction
  •  Increased process efficiency
  •  Ability to adapt to business processes and regulatory requirements
  •  Ease of use
  •  Logical and Application Security
  •  Open to Internationalization needs
  •  Availability 24/7 365
  •  System update in Real-Time

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