4 Central Bank Reporting I-Easytodeploy


4 Central Bank Reporting I-Easytodeploy

The Product 4 Central Bank Reporting I-EasyToDeploy was born as a response to the review and overall strengthening of the system of rules and controls on financial intermediaries. It allows and facilitates the exchange of information between the commercial banks and the relative central banks and thus becomes a control tool and also an opportunity to prevent any financial crises.
It is a modular solution that allows you to make reports for the supervisory bodies at the highest levels of efficiency and to fully and constantly comply with the current regulations.
The solution is completely integrable and consists of a historical archive powered by all the legacy systems that put together the information system, and which contains all the quantitative and qualitative data necessary for its functionality. The latter is divided into a set of functions that allow the complete processing of data up to the generation of the reports:

  • The information present in the various sections of the bank's information system, periodically and based on reporting needs, feeds the subsystem “Central Bank Reporting Repository (CBRR)”.
  • Through mapping processes, the information collected is provided to the “Regulatory

Reporting System (RRS)” subsystem which deals with producing, recording and sending reports to the Central Bank in the formats required by it.

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