4 Branches Banking I-Easy


4 Branches Banking I-Easy

4 Branches banking l-Easy Suite is a modular front office solution, able to cover all banking services and is specifically designed for the needs of the Branches. Current account transactions, savings deposits, transfers, payments and collections, order subscriptions, and all other typical functions are managed.

It is able to register customers and to open reports, as well as change or propose conditions.
The graphical interface, the uniform layout of the structure of the individual functions and the adoption of an articulated series of tabular automatisms can guarantee ease of use, thus not requiring an in-depth "banking" training of the operators, both at the counter and for back-office activities.
The main strengths of the product, position it on the high standards of the market:

  • Management flexibility needed to deal with regulatory adjustments
  • Simplicity of adaptation to the Bank’s organizational models
  • Ability to support large volumes of operations
  • Easy integration
  • Modular
  • Ergonomics
  • Cost-effective operation.

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