4 AML I-Efficiently provides specific tools and functions to comply with AML (Anti Money Laundering) obligations.
The product is equipped with different developed features, trying to harmonize the needs of the Banks with the AML compliance requirements, deriving from national and international regulations.

Adopting an efficient software and supporting it with a risk-based approach can guarantee:

  • Greater risk control
  • Fast and constant monitoring of large volumes of data
  • Compliance with AML and terrorist financing regulations, protecting the reputation of the Bank
  • Not incurring penalties following a failure to fully comply with the regulations

The Features :

  • Guided procedure for adequate customer verification
  • Classification and filing of documents with Electronic Document Archiving
  • Constant verification of customers with respect to the International "black lists"
  • Continuous reporting, links and transactions in the AML archives
  • Quick and easy integration with suspicious transaction detection procedures
  • Alert systems to improve the quality and accuracy of the information collected
  • Reporting and diagnostics for internal monitoring and verification of the content of the registrations.