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Stefano Trinci

Stefano Trinci

Quality Management & Testing Center

Work history: In 1998 he joined Enterprise as an Analyst-Programmer, at the Rome headquarters. He has been gradually introduced into various company Business Units, always in the area dedicated to Production. Over the years he has been acquiring experience in the field of analysis, programming, in multiple software environments and through the most popular modeling and coding languages. He has joined institutional courses held by the Vendors themsleves of the products being studied (SWIFT, Sun Microsystems Italia SpA, etc.). He has provided SWIFT with consultancy on the RNI Network. He has improved Project Management experience, coordinating the go-live of multiple business products at various customers.
Over the years he has taken on various roles within the company including: 

• Payments Factory Manager
• Trade Finance Factory Manager
• Special Project Development and Implementation Manager (e.g. Instant Payments)
• SWIFT Certification Manager
• Business Partner Relations Manager (CeTIF, Gartner, etc. ) 
• Head of Quality Management & Testing Center
• Head of Real-Time Application Management. 

Current position: Director “Marketing & Customers Management” / CISO & Manager “Quality Management & Testing Center” / Manager “Real-Time Application Management”