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“Digital disruption is positive! Opportunities will emerge.” (cf. Delivering the Digital Banking Experience Primer for 2016).
We do believe that, and therefore we must ride the disruption, not being overwhelmed. Actually we have no choice. Moreover, banks should lead this dramatic change, otherwise they will increasingly lose business and market shares.
These assumptions were taken into account, when we decided to reengineer the trade finance solution.
Cost reduction, improvement in performance effectiveness, more efficient management of paper files and the availability of documents at any time, are just few of the business drivers which should lead to choose this solution.
From the customer experience side, the solution offers the capability to engage the customer in the proper stage of each process, thus enabling a fluent interaction with the bank trade unit, and also avoiding burdensome data-entry processes. Customer can monitor the procedure and be up-to-date with all the related events and documents.
The process layer manages both short term and long term processes, which might include multiple users, organizational roles, devices, entities.
A distributed process engine executes business processes, which are modelled using a BPM tool. Processes include both automatic and human tasks. Let’s call automatic activity, the execution of a business service, while a human task requires the user input, through the graphical user interface.
4 T.E.D. and 4 I.B.I.S. are providing the solution to enhance service delivery and client accessibility, to well organize IT operations and reduce data-entry load, and to put forward suitable new expanding services.

Dr. Filiberto Salvioni
Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Managing Director Enterprise SpA
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