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Enterprise, the measures taken at work to protect ourselves and others


It is a top priority for Enterprise to take measures to eliminate infection risks and protect the safety at work, respecting the laws scrupulously and protecting employees and the community in which it operates.

Following the decrees of the President of the Council of Ministers and the related rules that came into force in recent days to face with the coronavirus emergency, a package of extraordinary measures has been activated in Enterprise. Some of them designed primarily for the Milan office are related to Smart Working, others have entered also for the Rome and Turin offices.

The company has activated a plan that empowers employees to have more space available, respecting the different legal measures and experts’ recommendations.

The various Business Units have been moved to the Navicella, the building inaugurated in May 2019 in continuity with the historic headquarters in Eur. Thanks to this initiative, Enterprise has succeeded in making new spaces available for employees in the Open Space, being able to implement the directives of the decree which provide for the distancing of the workstations, to the point of obtaining an alternation one-empty-one-active .

In addition, the cleaning and disinfection shifts have been intensified, which have always been implemented with a minimum daily frequency, and now implemented on an intraday basis (typically during the lunch break) to sanitize the toilets, handles, desks, keyboards, telephone equipment, and more generally all surfaces with which one normally comes in contact.

The breaks have been organized in a staggered manner, to allow the minimum concentration of colleagues in the coffee room. At the Rome office, employees are invited to use the equipped garden.

It is not superfluous to remember that Enterprise has not only the job at heart, but also the safety and health of its employees and the community in which it operates.