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Enterprise completes the installation of the Guarantees & Standby L/Cs Product on Bank Environments


Enterprise announces the completion of the installation, on the Test and Accepting environments of the Client Banks, of the Product:

“Special Release SWIFT 2020: Guarantees & Standby Letters of Credit”.

The installation, planned well in advance of the release deadline (i.e. November 2020), follows the System Integration Testing phase carried out directly in the Company, and from now on allows the End User to carry out User Acceptance Testing.

The importance of such a significant time window for UAT, which obviously required an extraordinary effort for the contraction of development times and SIT, lies in the high impact of this release on current operations:

just think that 6 new messages have been introduced out of the 4 currently existing, and that the latter have been implemented with around 100 new fields.

The next relevant deadline is May 2, on which the new release will be activated on the Vendor Test System, an environment that SWIFT releases to its Certified Vendor Partners.

Onto such environment Enterprise can carry out the final test of the messaging directly onto the SWIFT network, since there is the same level of rules and controls as the Banks network.

Then, on July 26, the new release will be made available by SWIFT also in the Banks’ Test & Training environment.

The next milestone will be the go-live, set for November 22, 2020.