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ENTERPRISE at the “Salone dei Pagamenti” (Payment Fair)


Enterprise is pleased to announce that it will participate at the first “Salone dei Pagamenti” (Payment Fair), which in the edition 2016 will be held in Milan November 9th – 11th at the MiCo – Milano Congressi.

With this new formula, SPIN, CARDS and CBI come together to create one large Conference & Expo on Payments Industry.

In this context, the new products related to Digital Banking and Internet Bankingwill be exhibited, products which have adopted the disruptive innovation approach, aimed at supporting banks in their reference business.

It is possible, for the Banks which are involved, to reserve a demo session of the different products shown on our website, by sending an e-mail to address, or alternatively, by completing the following request for the affected solution Send Request.

Our specialists will be happy to receive the representatives of Banks at our booth, where there will be even a distribution of gifts as a reminder of the Event.