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Technical School



In the past, Enterprise’s Technical School held primarily outsourced training courses for the personnel. Starting from 2014, due to the new business dimension and in view of future growth, the Company activated an in-house Technical School as part of Enterprise Academy. Long term courses (of approximately six months) were held for the personnel that later joined the organization, including Foreign Colleagues from other Countries. The course topics and tools mainly concerned new technologies and open source tools.

  • Planning and implementing training courses for our new employees, in order to provide them with basic knowledge before their inclusion in development teams;

  • Implementing the training on specific technology to meet the production needs of the corporate projects;

  • Promoting the sharing and dissemination of technical knowledge within the Company.


  • Data Access con JPA e Hibernate
  • Mobile App Development on iOS and Android platforms
  • IT Project Manager
  • IT DevOps
  • Java Enterprise Architect
  • IT Skill Development
  • Oracle Suite Integrate
  • Oracle Data Base Administrator