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Enterprise Academy



Over the years Enterprise activated highly attended in-house training sessions held by its Business Analysts.
In light of the positive responses we received from the Banks, which appreciated the competence of our Associates, Enterprise started focusing on the development of a structured business sector: Business School was created as part of Enterprise Academy.
Our Business School offers monthly classroom training sessions dedicated to Business Analysts. Topics include the problems faced daily by the different business sectors and in Autumn 11 sessions will be held by Internal Teachers, who will be focusing on their main activities in the Company.
Several sessions with Guest Teachers are also in program, which will be centered on various topics (e.g. Project Leader, Project Management) relevant to the activities of the resources.


In the past, Enterprise’s Technical School held primarily outsourced training courses for the personnel.
Starting from 2014, due to the new business dimension and in view of future growth, the Company activated an in-house Technical School as part of Enterprise Academy.
Long term courses (of approximately six months) were held for the personnel that later joined the organization, including Foreign Colleagues from other Countries. The course topics and tools mainly concerned new technologies and open source tools.

management SCHOOL

Enterprise has launched over the years several processes of internal training of its manager in order to facilitate their growth for the benefit of its customers and company’s structures that they coordinate.

To support the development of managerial skills together with the entire organizational development – with the aim of offering an excellent service to our customers – several sessions with external instructors have been provided on various topics in order to explore new methods for the control of production processes and new “empowerment” techniques to improve the ability to manage a project, a working group or a contact with the customer.