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In the past, Enterprise’s Technical School held primarily outsourced training courses for the personnel. Starting from 2014, due to the new business dimension and in view of future growth, the Company activated an in-house Technical School as part of Enterprise Academy. Long term courses (of approximately six months) were held for the personnel that later joined the organization, including Foreign Colleagues from other Countries. The course topics and tools mainly concerned new technologies and open source tools.


Planning and implementing training courses for our new employees, in order to provide them with basic knowledge before their inclusion in development teams;

Implementing the training on specific technology to meet the production needs of the corporate projects;

Promoting the sharing and dissemination of technical knowledge within the Company.

training courses

Data Access with JPA and Hibernate

Development of Mobile Apps on iOS and Android platforms
Training course for a new junior resource
Training courses on specific topics

Introduction to Informatics

  • What is Informatics
  • Hardware of a computer
  • Information in a computer
  • Networks
  • Software and languages
  • Data and Database
  • Applications architecture

Introduction to programming

  • Numbers and expressions
  • Variables
  • Errors
  • Development of a program
  • Simple and complex variables
  • Conditions
  • Structures
  • Lists and cycles

Languages and technologies used in the Company

  • HTML
  • XSL
  • Javascript
  • Java and object programming
  • SQL

Application frameworks and methods used in the Company

  • Characteristics and goals of Application frameworks
  • Architecture of the company’s applications (Platone, Premia)
  • Work process
  • Development environment and working tools (Eclipse, Jboss, Toad, SVN)
  • Control flow of Framework
  • Main components of Framework
  • Framework and open source components (Spring, JQuery, Jasper Report)

Exercise Sessions

  • Management
  • Inquiry
  • Control class
  • Research tool

Jasper Report for prints production

  • The language of Jasper Report
  • iReport: the programming tool of Jasper Report
  • Management of styles
  • Subreport
  • Parameter passage
  • Input data: DB or Bean
  • Instructions on report fields
  • Integration with Platone and configuration tables

Administration of the trading system in a Client Bank

  • System Architecture
    • Trading Platform
    • Middleware
    • Bank Environment
  • Deployment configuration
    • Application server instances
    • Queues
    • Configuration files
    • Log files
  • Batch processing
    • Scheduling
    • Other subsystems
  • Environment maintenance and management
    • Start / stop of services
    • Deploy procedure
  • Instructions for the on-site assistance
    • Issue tracking system
    • Daily end-of-day activity checks
    • Monitoring tools
    • Recurring and typical tasks
    • Error detection
  • Development environment
    • Workspace configuration
    • Svn configuration
    • Application Server Configuration

Organization of Java projects using Maven

  • What is Maven and how it can improve the development process
  • Installing Maven
  • Creation of a project and execution of commands
  • The core of Maven: POM
  • The Maven Plugins
  • The Maven Repositories and dependency resolution
  • Use of Profiles and Properties in Maven

Spring and Dependency Injection

  • Introduction to Spring Framework
  • Architecture
  • Concept of Inversion of Control
  • Core and Application Context
  • Bean and Bean Definition
  • XML description of Contexts
  • Autowriting – Scope of beans

Interoperability between systems via Web Services

  • What are they and how do Web Services work
  • Implementation of Web Service SOAP
  • Implementation of Web Service REST
  • Service Oriented Architecture

Web application development in Single Page Application Mode (SPA)

  • Designing the User Interface with REACTJS
  • State management of objects through REDUX
  • Creating Responsive applications using FOUNDATION
  • Customizing the style-sheet by SASS
  • Using the JavaScript runtime NODE.JS
  • Features of the WEBSTORM development environment