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Enterprise has launched over the years several processes of internal training of its manager in order to facilitate their growth for the benefit of its customers and company’s structures that they coordinate.
To support the development of managerial skills together with the entire organizational development – with the aim of offering an excellent service to our customers – several sessions with external instructors have been provided on various topics in order to explore new methods for the control of production processes and new “empowerment” techniques to improve the ability to manage a project, a working group or a contact with the customer.


Building a conceptual framework based on the culture of sound management of human resources, so as to obtain an improvement, through an excellent skills development, of both the collective and the individual performance.

Training courses

Systems Architecture and S.I. Integrations
The Training Courses 2018
The Training Courses 2017
The Learning Courses 2016

 Change Management & Organizational Principles

  • Change and learning processes within the skills development path
  • Setting of each Organization’s performance levels
  • Development of managerial skills and organizational evolution

 Mission, Vision & Values

  • Definition of Mission, Vision and Values
  • Origins, Meaning and Purposes of our Mission
  • Further details on the Company’s growth expectations

 Leadership & Communication in the Company

  • Definition of Leadership and its goals
  • Communication as a development strategy
  • Management and resolution of conflicts

 Performance Evaluation & Development Plans

  • Management of Human Resources and Performance Evaluation System
  • Management of feedbacks in a working environment

 Project Management Tools

  • General information on the definitions of Project and Project Management, and identification of the specific areas of competence
  • Definitions of Project Life Cycle, Stakeholder and analysis of the various types of Corporate Organizations
  • Definition of Project Integration with focus on Project Charter, Preliminary Project Scope Statement, Project Plan, Project Supervision and Management
  • Definition of Project Scope with focus on the creation of a WBS, Project Scope Management Plan and management of change requests
  • Formal definition of Project Quality and Project Quality Plan
  • Definition of Project Human Resource and tools for team management
  • Definition of Project Management Office and models
  • Definition of Project Communication and details on Communication Plan
  • Compliance with quality, timing and costing requirements within the project life cycle

 Quality Certification Workshop

  • Certification process
  • ISO 19011 standard Requirements

 Business Organizations

  • Use of multimedia rooms tools
  • Create meeting via Outlook
  • Webex – Enlarged video conference
  • Office 365
  • Skype for Business
  • Fixed and Mobile Phones
  • External VPN access

 Skills management

  • Management and development of soft skills of employees
  • Definition of organizational roles
  • Skills measurement criteria
  • Development plans
  • Capacity and capability plan

 Evaluation of individual and group performance

  • Strategy Definition
  • Balanced Score Card
  • Definition of Objectives and Results
  • Systems and indicators to be used in the process
  • Valuation models
  • Development plan

 Project Management and Business Consultant

  • Methodology
  • Definition of organizational roles
  • Skills measurement criteria
  • Definition of the project through the Project Management tools

 Knowledge Management

  • Methodology
  • Acquisition of knowledge
  • Knowledge repository
  • Processes of creation and sharing of knowledge
  • Processes of intellectual capital valuation