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Over the years Enterprise activated highly attended in-house training sessions held by its Business Analysts. In light of the positive responses we received from the Banks, which appreciated the competence of our Associates, Enterprise started focusing on the development of a structured business sector: Business School was created as part of Enterprise Academy. Our Business School offers monthly classroom training sessions dedicated to Business Analysts. Topics include the problems faced daily by the different business sectors and in Autumn 11 sessions will be held by Internal Teachers, who will be focusing on their main activities in the Company.
Several sessions with Guest Teachers are also in program, which will be centered on various topics (e.g. Project Leader, Project Management) relevant to the activities of the resources.


Organize and promote the management of the skills useful to the company;

Centralize the skills of the network, with the double goal of improving the integration of the various key roles, and promoting a policy of exchanges within the company;

Train the professionals who will work in various sectors of the Company, with the goal of taking over the role of consultants.

training courses 2018

Trade Finance: EXPORT CREDITS Live Dashboard and digital

Collection and Discounts

Precious Metals Operation

Precious Metals: Technical Management of Printing Forms for customers

Functional Test Methodology

Investment and raising with clients

Exchange Operation

Foreign Currencies Cash Management



The Training Courses 2016
2014/2015 Training Courses

Documentation Management

  • Creation
  • Check
  • Approval
  • Update

Instant Payment

  • Technology Trends
  • Payment Trends
  • Business Area
  • Pro & Contro
  • Channels

Outgoing wire transfers, Internal Bank transfers and Account transfers

  • Classification of main types of outgoing wire transfers
  • Types of Internal Payments
  • Peculiarities of payments in Pr.E.M.I.A.
  • Messages produced by Outgoing Payments

Bitcoin – Blockchain

  • Acronyms & Features
  • When to buy
  • Taxation of Transactions
  • Prices Volatility

Changes introduced by IFRS 9

  • Methodologies of depreciation
  • Main News Introduced
  • Disclosure on Value Adjustments
  • Accounting
  • Puma Reports
  • New concept of Impairment

ANTI MONEY-LAUNDERING (Implementation of Legislative Decree n. 231 of 21 November 2007)

  • Regulatory framework
  • Customer due diligence procedures
  • Data recording in Single Computer Archive (AUI)
  • Anti money-laundering organizational structures to be implemented by intermediaries
  • Limitation on the use of cash and bearer securities
  • Importance of active cooperation and reporting of suspect transactions


  • What is Puma2
  • Structure of PUMA2
  • How PUMA2 is organized
  • Technical Functional Flow
  • Query of Decision Tables: Platone – Core Banking System
  • Collation Management: Foreign Area Modular Platform Pr.E.M.I.A.
  • Possible fails during Migrations/Mergers
  • Reporting tools Minerva-Enterprise/Sisba/Seceti
  • Bank’s Operating Flow
  • Configuration Case Study


  • SWIFT Interface Overview
  • Network Services
  • Messaging
  • Networking Procedures and Software
  • Required Software
  • Swift Ref Directories
  • Ack/Nack Management
  • Short-circuiting
  • Messages Classification
  • Message Structure
  • Case Study – Test message from SWIFT Alliance to us


  • What is Usury
  • Bankit Instructions
  • Bankit FAQ
  • Ge.T.U. Module – Management of Usury Rates
  • TP Feature
  • Batch Feature
  • Tools for Case Study


  • The Stock Market
  • Macro-typologies of Traded Instruments
  • Corporate Action
  • Types of Tax Regimes
  • I. Mi. Fin Innovation Millennium Finance
    • Securities/Funds Data Master Module
    • Database
    • Securities Module
    • Module dedicated to Managed, Accounted and Declaratory Capital Gain
    • Funds Module
    • Module dedicated to Bonds Issued by the Bank
    • Derivatives Module
    • Swift Networks Management Module
  • Management on other Platforms
    • E.M.I.A: Giano Finance
    • SITAS – Meetings and Polls Module
    • SIRAM – Movables Collection Information System


  • General Criteria
  • Sectoral and General Accounting
  • Single-entry and Double-entry Bookkeeping Systems
  • Structure of the Sectoral Accounting System (our Applications)
  • Sectoral Chart of Accounts
  • Macro-typologies of Accounts
  • Tables for Ledgers/Accounts
  • Parametric Accounting
  • Brief mention of NON-Parametric Accounting functions
  • Accounting Inquiries
  • Tools for case study

Foreign Area Modular Platform Pr.E.M.I.A. Infrastructure

  • Pr.E.M.I.A. Architecture and Infrastructure
    • Architecture Outline
  • Tables and Structure Programs
    • Main Manager Flow
    • Checks and Updates Manager Flow