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2019 - A little effort together...
2017 - We are there…
2016 - Our Challange to diseases continues...
2015 - A Challange to diseases...


Also in 2019 the support of all of us is needed.

In fact it is necessary to buy a new machine for the Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome.

This is a new machine (XVIVO Perfusion) for pulmonary reconditioning of children and adults.

The Italian League of Cystic Fibrosis Lazio "Officium Onlus" tells us that we are close to half.

Join us in making a donation to reach the goal!!


Our small contribution to Cystic Fibrosis Research continues in 2018 as well.

We plan to be there in the future until the disease will be finally eradicated.

We invite you to be by our side…

Thank you.

OFFICIUMAs promised last year, also this year we want to give our small contribution to beat cystic fibrosis.

For us it’s very important to remember that, with the effort and the help of everyone, we can fight this battle and we firmly believe, always together, to be able to win…

All in the name of our way of being, we’ll always be up to the achievement of this goal for life !!!

You can contribute with a small gift to the ” LEGA ITALIANA FIBROSI CISTICA Lazio – Comitato OFFICIUM Onlus”

Thanks again.

OFFICIUMEnterprise supports research against Cystic Fibrosis.

We strongly believe that research is fundamental to beat Cystic Fibrosis. It is also useful to provide relief to families who are fighting this battle.

Therefore we invite all to support the “ITALIAN LEAGUE CYSTIC FIBROSIS Lazio” – Committee OFFICIUM Onlus – because even a little help is an important step towards the goal…

We are there and we want to be there also in the future !!!