Emergency Response to Cyclone Idai in Mozambique 2019
March 2019 - Sri Lanka Educational Project - Third Step
2018 – SRI-LANKA Educational Project - Second Step”
2018 – SRI LANKA “Educational Project”
2017 - AMREF Healt Africa: Project “Nutrition" – Nutrition & Health

This year we decided to help the project "Mozambique-Emergency Response to Cyclone 2019" of AMREF. The Cyclone Idai, one of the most devastating storms that has hit Africa in recent decades, has lashed Mozambique with winds of up to 195 kilometers per hour, damaging and destroying thousands of structures. The cyclone has also affected the institutes of Beira and Nhamatanda, where AMREF has been training young girls in obstetrics since 2013. Today some of the institutions have been destroyed and the students cannot go to school and continue their studies. The goal of the project is to save training institutes, provide as much help as possible and save the lives of those who will soon be able to save many other lives.
We invite all our customers, friends and suppliers to join us in this work.

Our commitment to Sri Lanka continues
As every year we return to the appointment with the support that we provide to the Oblate Sisters of the Virgin Mary of Fatima of Moratuwa - Sri Lanka.
We believe that in the short term we can assist the complete renewal of the convent school, which today assists over 150 children and needs urgent adjustments.

The supply of half a dozen DELL Professional notebooks to the Oblate Sisters of the Virgin Mary of Fatima in Moratuwa – Sri Lanka has been completed.

In our opinion, the training process of the young people studying at this institute must be accompanied by the use of computer tools with the most usual applications.

For this purpose the notebooks have, in addition to the ability to connect to the Internet, even the suite of Microsoft Office Products (Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Excel etc) so that children can interact easily and quickly.

We want to continue providing our support also in the future…

This year begins a new path with the “start of our international projects” of help.

Our company has chosen Sri-Lanka, a country to which we feel particularly connected…

We decided to give our help to the Oblate Sisters of the Virgin Mary of Fatima Institute in Moratuwa – Sri Lanka.

This institute helps the poorest boys and girls of the area every day: in fact, it provides about 150 meals daily and also, through a course of study that starts from primary schools up to high school, prepares these people with a school education to face at best their path of life.

We ask our friends to also join us in our initiative that can, in small part, help a “world” of people close to us even if geographically distant.

Thank you

Enterprise has among its primary objectives the help to people who are less lucky.

This year the choice of one of our international aid was towards the project “Nutrition” of AMREF, which aims to help the Populations of Western Kenya and more specifically the County of Siaya.

The high population density, the lack of water and environmental degradation are sad characteristics of the county.

We invite all our customers, friends and suppliers to join us in this work……