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About Us

Leader in banking software

Our history

Enterprise Spa is an Italian Company, leader in the Banking Software Industry both on a national and international level. Its foundation dates back to 1995, stemming from a Spin-Off of Executives from the Banking and Information Technology Sectors.Its growth has been stable in time, not giving way to uncontrolled turbulences from external factors, and resulted in a loyal clientele, satisfied with the quality of the Products and Services offered by the company.The territorial organization too has grown according to the needs of the Client Banks: today, in addition to the Headquarter in Rome, the company has Branches is Milan and Turin, whilst the Subsidiary KBS Emirates, previously located in Dubai, was merged by incorporation into Enterprise.

All the branches are operating arms of the company, each providing Teams of Specialists who can meet the demands of our Client Banks. The Solutions that we offer have received very positive responses, and at the moment our clients have reached the impressive number of more than 251 Banks, including the main Italian Outsourcers. Some Foreign Banks use these Solutions in Italy and abroad as well. 
Our system involves a number of banking specialists who deal with the Bank’s entire business process, as well as with all the regulatory duties associated with it.


Our company’s DNA includes:

  • Custom-made solutions for every type of Bank (small, medium and large).
  • Passion for technological innovation.
  • Great experience in the world of Finance & Banking.
  • Capacity to listen to the business, technological and organizational requirements of our Client Banks, both national and foreign.

In other words, our Mission is:

  • To provide the highest possible Quality
  • To be Cost Effective
  • To improve our Time to Market
  • To manage Risks efficiently
  • To be Different on the market
  • To offer our clients Custom-made products and services
  • To improve our STP Strategy on all channels
  • To be Customer Centric
  • To be ready for the Digital Age
Our Client Banks

With its specialists, Enterprise has been operating on the markets of the Middle East for several years. This led to the creation of a stable system in the United Arab Emirates. Nevertheless, recently this structure has been incorporated into Enterprise, thus becoming a new internal division.

Our Client Banks are located in Italy and in the fastest-growing areas in the World. Our success comes from the flexibility of our solutions, our open-source architectures, and their modularity and complementarity completely integrated front-to-back. The Countries where we are currently operative, both commercially and through our solutions, are: Italia, Kuwait, Malesia, Arabia Saudita, Giordania, Indonesia

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