Countdown it’s over ….

Renewing our solutions has always been our commitment.

Being a frontrunner is always seen as an objective.

We have made the necessary investments to completely renew our products.

We can announce that we can now offer on Cloud our core products, such as Pr.E.M.I.A. Platform, WTE World Trade Ecosystem Marketplace, SITAS Soci, etc. Overall costs for Banks can be significantly optimized with new products based on "Container" and "Microservices".

Artificial Intelligence

In the banking and financial services industry, quite crosswise, and especially in the payment systems, the application of Artificial Intelligence is progressively moving from the scope of the new products creation towards the automation of existing processes, with the aim of replacing typically human activities, until now managed by customers or operators.

Some interesting use cases to point out are:

  • a conversational interface and a digital assistant (natural language query/intelligent chatbot);
  • the automation of payment origination starting from an invoice or other related documents, which removes the need for data-entry and manual checks (accounts payable invoice automation, document processing and OCR);
  • the prediction and the prevention of potential compliance issues (AML Automation);
  • the production of automatic or semi-automatic alerts and communications, which leverages a system of "suggestions" and "shortcuts" in dictation or writing, sourcing relevant information, automatically indexed from the context of the operation.

Saas Solutions

A new era for the Banking Software Product……

Following the change and anticipating what’s new.

Offer SaaS-based solutions to Customers so that a "win-win" approach is undertaken by reducing risks and minimizing costs by following the business performance of the Bank.

It is our bet for the future and we believe we will face it with the same determination and consistency as in the past.